Who can say if it’s life that gives us the dream or the dream that gives us life?

- Terah Cox



Transpersonal Dreamwork

We all dream even though we do not always remember. Transpersonal Dreamwork is a wonderful tool for guiding you through your dreams and visions to distill their essence. Whatever happens in life, Dreamwork can be used as a vehicle of expanding consciousness, self-exploration, guidance and growth. It is like stepping back into a dream with a guide, and experiencing it step by step until it reveals itself.


Do you have dreams that leave a strong impression and/or:

  • unsettle you and leave you with a feeling of unease or even shock
  • strike you with beauty, light, delight, or the feeling of awe or rapture
  • seem to bring healing and awakening
  • are puzzling with a feeing of a mystery or some kind of new opening
  • keep coming back
  • or shake you awake in any other way

than Transpersonal Dreamwork can become a great tool that will let you:

  • look closer at your dreams and yourself
  • explore what’s behind a picture or a feeling in a dream
  • get in touch with your guiding spirit
  • find the “medicine” that you need at the current moment in your life
  • fully experience the gifts hidden in a dream
  • complete transformation process that your dream is indicating

I invite you on truly wonderful and transformative journey into your dreams or visions, a journey into wholeness and fulfillment.



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