Intimacy and Sexuality Coaching

Real intimacy and a fulfilling sexuality are VITAL NEEDS of all human beings. We become more VIBRANT when this juicy and luscious energy flows through our body invigorating and nourishing us. As sex is more carnal, intimacy is based in the heart. We feel more ALIVE when we intimately can be ourselves. No masks, no games, no superficially being nice or trying to “fit”. We find more PEACE of mind and JOY when we connect to others authentically from the core of who we are. Acting from that sexual and intimate place generally translates into more fulfilled interactions with other people and more self-confidence.


Sexuality and Intimacy coaching supports you with working through questions, doubts and anxieties around sexuality and intimacy. It helps to RECONNECT with the body, especially after trauma, heartbreak, or other emotional or physical occurrences that can cause shock and disconnection and thus the variety of sexual issues. By removing tension, releasing emotions, learning about your pleasure and bringing relaxation into the body and mind, we deepen the ability to FEEL and expand the ORGASMIC potential.


S & I Coaching is not sexual therapy or surrogacy. There is no sexual contact between me and you. No intercourse, or other form of sex. I am also not a physician or therapist.


Coaching is mainly verbal. We talk so I can learn about you and your needs, and guide you toward a solution. It empowers you to take responsibility for your sexual and intimate life. It gives you set of practical exercises. After you practiced, we may review your experience. Also breath training, circulating energy, visualization, contemplation, and energy work or ritual can become part of a coaching session. This all can be done in person or via Skype. Doubts, fears, questions and blockages may be clarified this way. It supports you in creating a shift. It gives you tools that may be applied in overcoming difficulties in your sexual or intimate life.


There might be times when energy or body work sessions are advisable. This is especially true when emotional or energetical blocks are deep and more substantial support is needed in releasing them. This can require personal contact. Energy and body work sessions can create a profound shift, freeing you bit by bit from past experiences that can become stuck in the body. Once these blocks are released we regain our ability to feel. We FEEL more ALIVE because we INHABIT THE BODY more and we gain more courage to be AUTHENTIC. Energy can then flow vividly, and our bodies open up for receiving more pleasure and bliss.


For more information and booking please fill the form adding in the comments why you are seeking this type of coaching and guidance.