Do you know dreams that move all your being? Do they shake you awake or bring you a feeling of awe, rapture or overwhelming beauty? Dreams can move you deeply, bringing insight into difficult situations. They can offer a solution, have a therapeutic impact, and bring healing to your body, heart, or mind, opening up new dimensions of your being. Reoccurring dreams, even nightmares may have a valuable message that is loudly knocking at the gates of your consciousness wanting to be let in.


Transpersonal Dreamwork is a way to reenter a dream or a vision for the purpose of exploration – to uncover its message. In looking for the guidance that dreams hold we can find hidden jewels and bring them into consciousness, grounding them in the body and in life. This way they may flourish and bring you fruit of wholeness and fulfillment.


If you simply want to explore your dream world or learn how to remember dreams better Transpersonal Dreamwork is a wonderful tool for this as well.


You will gain:

  • Insight into yourself through your dream world
  • Healing of barriers and issues that your dreams are pointing to
  • Waking new qualities in yourself for living life more fully
  • Direct connection with your guidance within
  • A possibility of diminution or cessation of reoccurring dreams or nightmares
  • Integrity
  • Joy of feeling the permeating energy of your soul or spirit in your body and life
  • Support for the transformative alchemical process you may experience in your dreams
  • Tool to work with the tension in the body behind emerging issues in life, allowing for a shift perspective to better solution