Transpersonal dream work is a body-oriented approach to exploring dreams, visions, and any issues where the soul, psyche, and body meet that you would like to address in your life. For this, we use the so called “waking dream technique“ - which enables a direct experience of the dream material in the here and now leading to a psycho-spiritual transformation.


First we talk about the dream and the moment of awakening, of how the circumstances of life might effect it.


Then we agree to reenter the dream in the present moment anchored in the body. You recall the dream and I guide you through the process, at times making interventions, pausing, bringing attention to the sensations and helping to draw associations from the dream elements.


As we are back in the dream, you are invited to enter deeper into the experience - into the scenes or symbols that appear. If necessary I will help you to stay in the present moment, to be aware of the breath, body sensations, and feelings. At times I might ask you to confront a conflict or difficult situation. With awareness on the breath and an allowance to feel, most tensions dissolve and a solution can be found. As we go through this process you may be able to distill the central message of the dream and the experience. This is why I often refuse to just simply interpret a dream. Through dream work you can have a direct experience of what the dream actually brings into your life… or what it takes from it.


From the transpersonal perspective we are looking in the dream to unlock your hidden potential. You might face challenges or set goals that will help you grow. I assist you in integrating repressed or lost parts of your being that emerge in the moment. We approach the inner conflict and look for resolution. From a spiritual perspective we look for an opening of the heart by uniting the opposites, transcending our position to look from a broader perspective. We dip into the divine qualities as new dimensions of our being reveal themselves.

Dream work in itself has a very clear moment of beginning and ending. As we go along the process, suggestions from the dreamwork itself pop up. These can be daily practices that will help you ground the effects of your dream in your being and life.


This way of working with dreams can also be applied to explore a vision, issue, challenge, psychosomatic symptom, or idea you may have. It is a wonderful way to go really deep in oneself and integrate all the emerging or involved parts and to awaken to the higher potential of your being.